Comics Forge review of RBG Issue 1.

Our first review of RBG 1 comes in from Ted Brown of Comics Forge. We want to thank Ted, for taking the time out to look us up and write about RBG.

“Run By The Gun, from publisher RBG Entertainment, LLC, is an age-old tale of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. The first issue revolves around a musician named Peter, who finds himself unable to sacrifice his artistic integrity, even if it means a stable future for himself and his pregnant girlfriend. After turning down a record deal with a mainstream label, Peter, turns to an ex band mate in hopes of putting together a new band setting into motion a wonderfully crafted, gritty, and true to life look at a bands struggle to make it to the top, while remaining true to their hearts.

Run By The Gun absolutely shines, when it comes to interesting characters and flawless character development. The first issue does a wonderful job at introducing readers to each of the current main characters, who all ooze personality creating an early bond between readers and themselves. The conversations between characters seem so organic and naturally flowing that it is impossible to not imagine each of them as a real people, whose life you are watching unfold before you. With a very cinematic feel to it, due to its steady pace, and over all presentation, this book is truly a captivating read.

The art style further adds to the books gritty punk rock vibe, with its basic black/white line art approach. The artist does a great job at conveying emotions with realistic facial and body expressions. A prime example of art and writing meshing perfectly to create a total package experience that impeccably leads readers onto a journey that is both visually and mentally stimulating. Easily one of the best drama genre titles of the year thus far, Run By The Gun is necessary read for all fans of dramatic, gritty, and authentic feeling rock n roll stories.

Highly looking forward to future issues, and seeing how the band ultimately comes together, Run By The Gun, is a success in every way with its debut issue. With writing so engaging that it seems like it should be a house hold name, AMC, or FX television drama, this book cannot be recommended highly enough. Currently, you can read this amazing first issue completely free via our friends over at by following the provided [link].

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