The End, Starring DEATH and David

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Story and Art by Zam Greene! Click on image to

The Adventures of Cabbage Ear

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Story and Art by Zam Greene! Click on image to

the misanthrope / scene #11 / peter’s plan

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In our latest #RunByTheGun #webcomic, #peter releases his frustration against his former bandmates and record label all over the conference table. ...

the misanthrope / scene #10 / peter's plan

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In our latest #RunByTheGun #webcomic, #peter marches into #CapstoneRecords and demands what is due.

the misanthrope / scene #9 / Mr. Palermo

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Our latest #RunByTheGun #webcomic, #peter finds some guidance from his father, Mr. Palermo.

the misanthrope / scene #8 / sarah

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In our latest #RunByTheGun #webcomic, our #misanthrope #jonah is dismayed by the realities of #NewYorks #lowereastside ...

the misanthrope / scene #7 / sarah

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In our latest #runbythegun #webcomic #jonah is finding out #sarah isn't as easy to read as most young women. ...

the misanthrope / scene #6 / one month later

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In our latest #RunByTheGun #webcomic, we introduce the best for last, #Sarah. She bursts through #Jonah and #Peter #LowerEastside hang out with no preconception on how the night will unfold. ...

the misanthrope / scene #5 / one month later

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In our #RunByTheGun #webcomic we find #Jonah and #Peter hanging out at their favorite #NYC #LowerEastside bar. #Amy, the bartender holds court most nights, dealing with and doling out advice. The Run By The Gun gang is no exception. ...

the misanthrope / scene #4 / jonah

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It's the fourth installment in our #RunByTheGun #webcomic introducing one of the leads, Jonah. Drawn by artist Brian Hardison, this rendition of #Jonah is easily one of our favorites. We tried to describe Jonah purely in a visual way and this strip succeeds in doing just that. ...

the misanthrope / scene #3 / ada

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The third installment of our #RunByTheGun #webcomic features Ada Palermo, Peter's wife and mother to their child. ...

the misanthrope / scene #2 / peter

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#RunByTheGun #webcomic The Misanthrope - Strip #2 - Peter gets a rude awakening.

the misanthrope / scene #1 / peter

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Welcome to our first webcomic designed by Tone Ellis de Jesus (@tonetitan)! Peter, the lead singer and guitar of Run By The Gun is living the #rocknroll dream... ...

Run By The Gun 2017

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We’re still here. And still hard at work. After recording with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago in late 2015, Run By The Gun went on the road to support our latest self-titled EP in 2016. Thanks to those who came out to support Run By The Gun in NYC, Philly, and Austin, TX. We ...

Run By The Gun & Ours 11.19.2016 @ The Bowery Ballroom, NYC

By ToneTitan | December 13, 2016 | 0 Comment A great big shout out to @JimmyGnecco and @Ours for letting us perform RBG's latest release, "Cry Out," at their 11.19.2016 show in NYC. We truly appreciate the kind gesture and your friendship. "Great show, Ours is just incredible these days. ...

RBG @ Recharge Lounge and Love Goat during SXSW 2016 (Wrap-up)

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Run By The Gun went to Austin, Texas to perform several shows during the South By South West Music Conference and Festival (SXSW). The first two shows were at Love Goat on Guadalupe Street. Close to the University of Texas, Guadalupe is one of the most popular stretches for indy showcases in Austin. RBG was ready ...

RBG @ Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse (Wrap-Up)

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Run By The Gun played a free show at the Amalgam Comics Coffee Shop in Philly. This place just opened and has gotten lots of kudos for being the first of its' kind on the East Coast, run by a black American female, Arrielle Johnson. So RBG was happy to be among the first bands to grace the shop's welcoming ...

RBG @ Recharge Lounge during SXSW 2016

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EVENT IS FREE TO THE PUBLICWhen: March 18 Event starts: 12pmRun By The Gun starts: 440pm Where: Recharge Lounge @ Videotape Office610C North I-35Austin, TX ...

RBG @ the Love Goat during SXSW 2016

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EVENT IS FREE TO THE PUBLICWhen: March 15 & 17 Event starts: 3pmRun By The Gun Start: 1130pm Where:Love Goat, 2716 Guadalupe StAustin, Texas(512) 476-1946 Venue social media: ...

RBG @ Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse

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Here's the info for the Philly show: When: March 5, SaturdayTime: 3pm startWhere: Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse@AmalgamPhilly FB/Twitter/IG/Tumblr215-427-3300 Location:2578 Frankford Ave, Philly ...

hipvideopromo profiles RBG

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FROM Due to the nature of the RBG project, their first music video begged to be an animated story about the characters in the comic books. RBG needed a seasoned animation producer who was be able to work with an extremely tight budget and schedule. Jason Li was their man. Jason works for the TV ...

13thdimension gives RBG #3 props!

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"Dig Love & Rockets? Check out Run by the Gun, a black-and-white indie comic written by a real-life rock band. Fans of music and comics should love what they’re doing! - David Gallaher, Writer David Gallaher takes you through some of the most interesting books on ComiXology Submit, ...

New York Super Week 2015 – Thank You!

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Zambia, the whole Run By The Gun family and I want to sincerely thank everyone involved in our New York Super Week shows. It's been a long year creating and prepping all the new content that we released this past week. Steve Albini and the Electrical Audio crew, these guys are every bit as good as the buzz ...

Run By The Gun: My Fathers Will (animated video)

By ToneTitan | October 6, 2015 | 0 Comment In planning a music video for "My Father's Will," the first single from our latest musical release, it seemed only natural to go with an animated video as opposed to live action. The characters have been rendered by a host of artists up to now, so here was another opportunity for a ...

AFROPUNK debuts RBG's animated music video "MY FATHER'S WILL"

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Check out the premiere of Run By The Gun's first animated music video for "My Father's Will" on October 5. “My Father’s Will” follows Jonah Gunn as he sets out on a haunting journey to find peace in the arms of his romantic desire and artistic muse, Sarah. Jonah’s journey across the desert to ...

Run By The Gun EP

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Release: 2015 Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock Apple Music Amazon Music Spotify Tidal YouTube Music These songs are about multiple, ongoing, personal failures and the struggle to find a reason to keep trying, long after you even give a fuck anymore, long after you no longer believe in yourself ...

Asbury Park Press: Run By The Gun to Rock Super Week

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"Run by the Gun can be a hard act to pin down. On the one hand, it's a comic book series created by Rey Miranda, chronicling the misadventures of a fictional New York City band. On the other hand, it's also a band led by New York City music scene veteran Zambia Greene that records and plays shows. When dealing ...

Run by the Gun at The Legendary Dobbs on October 9, 2015

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Friday, October 9, 2015 Philadelphia - PennsylvaniaThe Legendary DobbsThe Legendary Dobbs is Located at 304 South Street, Philadelphia.Dobbs is a Legendary Room with a reputation dating back to the 80's. Some of Philly's finest have played this stage. Time Slots:Here are the time slots for the Evening8:05 - ...

Run By The Gun performs at Oni Press Rock N' Comix Event On October 8

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Run By The Gun is proud to perform at Oni Press NY Super Week event. Big ups and much love to Oni Press for hosting the event and for supporting RBG. We hope to see you all there. Oct 8, 2015, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM From Rock Bar: "Oni Press presents Rock N' Comix 2015, featuring live comix readings and ...

RBG’s self-titled EP: UPDATE 9-2-15

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More Run By The Gun @Electrical Audio!See More photos in the RBG's Facebook photo gallery: ...

RBG’s self-titled EP: UPDATE 8-30-15

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Run By The Gun is currently recording with Steve Albini at his Chicago studios, Electrical Audio. Our self titled 6 song EP will be released Thanksgiving 2015. Zambia Greene: producer, vocals, guitar, drums Andre Michael Coles aka Boy Wonder: vocals, ...

Run By The Gun announces details about New York Super Week 2015 Event, partnership with Rocksmith and FlossGloss [UPDATED]

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[CLICK HERE TO GET TICKETS] *** PLEASE NOTE: EVENT LOCATION HAS CHANGED! Run By The Gun in partnership with Rocksmith and FlossGloss is celebrating the release of RBG's self-titled EP and issue #3 of the comic book series. Party with us, DJ Rob Flow and other NY Super Week attendees at Le Poisson Rouge: ...

Vote for RBG #3 to win The Harvey!

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Here’s a link to The Harvey Awards. Please nominate RBG Issue 3 contributors. And please share this link and the RBG Issue 3 info with everyone. New Series: Run By The GunPublisher: RBG Entertainment, LLCTitle of Comic: Run By The Gun Issue 3: The ...

RBG Music, now on Spotify and other popular streaming music services

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RBG music can now be found on these popular streaming music services: SpotifyRhapsodyiTunes MusicGoogle PlayiHeartRadioRdioSlackerMusic Unlimited (Sony) Others include: Napster (now Rhapsody), Simfy, Nimbit, eMusic, Zune, Nokia, Mog,, ReverbNation, MySpace Music, JB Hi-Fi, Juke, Wimp, MixRadio, VerveLife, ...

Run By The Gun, Issue #3

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Suggested for mature readers: Months following the birth of Peter and Ada's baby, Jonah is hard at work trying to build a new band with Peter. Meanwhile, Jonah's relationship with Sarah has grown sexually, but not much otherwise. Despite feeling compelled to be in one another's company, the two struggle painfully ...

Run By The Gun Comics, NOW IN PRINT!

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We're excited to announce that RBG Comics are now available in print from Comic Flea Market, through their online store: Not only will CFM be handling the printing of RBG titles, but they will also handle distribution to comic book stores at similar discounts. CFM is ...

NYCC Super Week 2014: Thanks to all for a great event!

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Thanks to all who attended our FIRST LIVE event, during New York Comic Con Super Week 2014. And special thanks to our EVENT SPONSORS: Guitar CenterStrandPlantronics GamingGamersGateCaffe Vita And... Big ups and 1 love to our brothers from Philly, Problem Solving! You guys were fucking great on stage ...

Multiversity Comics announces RBG's Debut Performance AT NY Comic-Con Super Week

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Mutliversity Comics gave RBG a great shout out for our New York Comic-Con Super Week performance. Come by and listen as we play songs off RBG's debut album, "Songs From The Little Blue House." We hope you all get a chance to meet all of you on October 9 at the Rockbar in New York City. For tickets, ... Highlights RBG's upcoming NYCC Super Week Show

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Thanks so much to our friends at for showcasing our debut performance at NYCC Super Week on October 9. Please don't forget to purchase your tickets, seating is limited. We don't want all the suits from NYCC to have all the fun, do we? Come by. Have a drink. Share some laughs. Say hello. ...

Run By The Gun Performs Debut Album Inspired by their Comic Book Series for New York Super Week

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Comics meet Rock for a night in the West Village as part of New York Comic Con. NEW YORK - August 26th, 2014 - It’s a New York Comic Con first: a band that merges rock and roll with a comic book series. Join Run By the Gun as they play songs off their debut album, ‘Songs From the Little Blue House,’ at ...

The day that I met punk rock – Zambia Greene

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In 1979 I was 8 years old. My family owned a huge second-hand / antique shop on 3rd Avenue and 123rd Street in Spanish Harlem. My dad would populate the store with goods bought from homes in Northern NJ and Suburban NY. I would often accompany him on these estate buyouts, and whenever I discovered something I liked, ...

ABOUT Run By The Gun

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Run By The Gun is a transmedia project involving a comic book series, webcomics, music, and live performances to tell the story of an NYC band struggling to succeed on their own terms in a city that eats young and old alike. RBG's music expands the narrative of the comics series by allowing fans the ...

Adobe and Teardrops Review

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We received a review from Adobe and Teardrops. A big shout out to Rachel for writing a funny review on both the music and the comic books. Rachel is "thoroughly annoyed with Peter by the end of Issue 2." I hope Rachel learns to forgive him. ;)) Go and check out Rachel's review and stay awhile on Adobe and ...

Bleeding Cool Article

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Hey, all. We just received a cool write up from Bleeding Cool. It gives the readers a great sense of what the Run By The Gun project is and what's to be expected. A big thanks to Dan Wickline and Bleeding Cool for giving RBG some web space. We hope you guys like the article. Make sure you look out ...

songs from the little blue house

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RE-RELEASE UPCOMING! Release: 2014 Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock Soundcloud (Preview) UPDATE DEC 2020: FREE DOWNLOAD (PDF) of the songs from the little blue house song booklet. Download PDF “Doesn’t it just break your heart… I mean, you want to make it. I mean really, really make it. ...

Run By The Gun, Issue #2

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Facing a decision that will effect everyone he loves most, Peter Palermo must choose between doing the right thing, and following his life's dream. RBG Issue 2 has been a tremendous effort from all those involved. We tried to challenge ourselves, and push the story and artwork to unexpected places. It may not ...

Yo, Z! What's the Run By The Gun project all about?

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Several years ago I had left the big, important relationship of my life up to that point, my band. Toward the end we were a traveling band, and my friend Rey Miranda used to travel with us sometimes, whenever he could, taking pictures, hanging out. So he knew those guys, he knew the music around us at that time, ...

Sequential Tart Review of RBG 1 by Olwyn Supeene

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Thanks to Olwyn from Sequential Tart for a cool Grade and review. It's great getting reviews, but we also want to hear from our readers as well. We read all the stuff you send us. Check out Olwyn's review at the link below. Read article "What do you so when you get the break of your life in exchange for your ...

iFanboy Spotlights RBG 1

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Paul Montgomery, from iFanboy, gives RBG 1 a great write-up.Thanks much for the kind words. We truly appreciate it. Read ...

Comics Forge review of RBG Issue 1.

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Our first review of RBG 1 comes in from Ted Brown of Comics Forge. We want to thank Ted, for taking the time out to look us up and write about RBG. Read review "Run By The Gun, from publisher RBG Entertainment, LLC, is an age-old tale of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. The first issue revolves around a ...

Run By The Gun, Issue #1

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UPDATE DEC 2020: FREE DOWNLOAD (PDF) of the Run by the Gun #1 updated noir version that includes added material. Download PDF Peter Palermo tries to convince Jonah Gunn to join him in a new band. Their past relationship gives Jonah pause until an unexpected event forces his hand. RBG Issue 1? Yup, we ...