Run By The Gun EP

Release: 2015

Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock

These songs are about multiple, ongoing, personal failures and the struggle to find a reason to keep trying, long after you even give a fuck anymore, long after you no longer believe in yourself or your Asian friend, or your social or work relationships anymore, and are hanging by shoestrings to behaviors you remember from when you experienced successes, big successes, in the hopes that your riding-a-bicycle, muscle-memory will somehow just kick the hell in and lead you back the fuck into the light. And THEN realizing that they won’t. They never will again. You need to do the impossible: figure out NEW SHIT; a NEW WAY OF BEING, in order to do more than survive. Life is hard. It’s not corny, fake, or flashy. It’s real. These songs are real.

Track Listing

1My Father’s Will [Explicit]3:19
2Cry Out [Explicit]4:10
3Bitter / Better [Explicit]4:23
4How High [Explicit]5:24
51 Little Girl3:31


Music by Zambia Greene
Produced by Steve Albini, Zambia Greene, Rey Miranda
Engineered by Steve Albini
Mixed by Steve Albini
Mastered by Steve Fallone


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songs from the little blue house


Release: 2014

Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock

UPDATE DEC 2020: FREE DOWNLOAD (PDF) of the songs from the little blue house song booklet.

“Doesn’t it just break your heart… I mean, you want to make it. I mean really, really make it. But let’s see – how many people come to NYC every week, trying to be rock stars? 100 easy. They’re pouring off the buses at Port Authority. 100 a week, that’s 5,000 a year. Another 5,000 go out to LA, another 5 kick around Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, working it there, that’s 15,000 a year? Shit, that’s conservative – it’s probably more like 50,000…

My point is… how many are going to make it? 45,000 a year never get anywhere. They never get a break, they knock up some girl, take a job driving some bakery truck – maybe 4,000 become professional musicians playing a hotel lounge near some airport. The cream, the top 1,000 get to be in a Zeppelin tribute band, make middle class money, or be 18th runner up on American Idle – but to really make a name, to be a star: maybe 10. 10 people yearly. Worldwide. 10 people out of 50,000 make it. Jonah. You think you’re going to be one of them?”

Jonah Gunn: “I don’t know. I’m not sure… I mean, I’m used to being a winner, you know, from playing sports and shit, but this is grown up life… like, I know Im good, but I guess at this point I just don’t think about that. I’m just following my interests, exploring what I love so life can be bearable. Maybe I’d kill to progress, depends on the circumstance. I ain’t gonna wind up playing no hotels, or in no Kiss cover band or whatever, but I’m not gonna turn my back on MY DREAMS. My dreams, they are me.”

Track Listing

1The Misanthrope
2The Devil In My Dreams
3Beyond The World
4Something Like A Shadow
5A Lost Bag
6Holding On
7Bits Into Pieces
8Im Your Man
9Our Time
10F#ing Through Hell


Music by Zambia Greene
Produced by Mod Alien, Zambia Greene, Rey Miranda
Engineered by Mod Alien, Jacob Johnson, Edward Rawls and Jim McKell
Mixed by John Agnello and Francisco Botero
Mastered by Steve Fallone