RBG @ Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse (Wrap-Up)

Run By The Gun played a free show at the Amalgam Comics Coffee Shop in Philly. This place just opened and has gotten lots of kudos for being the first of its’ kind on the East Coast, run by a black American female, Arrielle Johnson. So RBG was happy to be among the first bands to grace the shop’s welcoming stage.

It was also the first show in 2016 for RBG, which now consists of perennial Philly music scene player, Andre’ Coles, A.K.A. Boy Wonder on vocals and guitar – Andre’s talents were featured on the recent self titled Run By The Gun EP, recorded in Chicago under the helm of Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Studios – newcomer badass Jake on bass, and Branden King fucking the shit out of the drums.

The show was almost shut down due to the volume’s impeding the important business of aesthetic, assisted self-mutilation at the tattoo shop next door, but the situation was squashed with grace and aplomb by Arielle, and the afternoon was saved.

The show was good, especially for our first live outing ever. The band’s renditions of RBG mainstays, “Fucking Through Hell,” and “Holding On,” brought particular magic, as patrons danced, delighted, drank coffee and bought comic books.

– Zambia Greene

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