Run By The Gun & Ours 11.19.2016 @ The Bowery Ballroom, NYC

A great big shout out to @JimmyGnecco and @Ours for letting us perform RBG’s latest release, “Cry Out,” at their 11.19.2016 show in NYC. We truly appreciate the kind gesture and your friendship.

“Great show, Ours is just incredible these days. Wonderful performing with Jim, Vinny, April and Race again – miss playing with those guys. Felt like old times.” – Zambia Green

For more info on Run By The Gun, please head over to We have our music, comic books, and other such nonsense all over that site.

Here’s the link to RBG’s EP produced by @SteveAlbini –

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For Jimmy Gnecco and Ours info, his website is

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