Sequential Tart Review of RBG 1 by Olwyn Supeene

Thanks to Olwyn from Sequential Tart for a cool Grade and review. It’s great getting reviews, but we also want to hear from our readers as well. We read all the stuff you send us. Check out Olwyn’s review at the link below.

“What do you so when you get the break of your life in exchange for your artistic soul? If you’re Run By The Gun’s Peter Palermo, you quit. The repercussions of that decision propel the first issue of Run By The Gun, causing tension with his pregnant girlfriend and a dogged attempt to convince an old friend to let bygones be bygones and join a new band. Of course, it’s not as simple as that, and layers of complication peek through the clean black-and-white art, leaving us wanting resolution, or at least explanations. It’s sure to get messier before it gets cleaner, and it looks to be worth sticking around for.

Arguably the best part of this ambitious project is that creators Rey Miranda and Zambia Greene are generating music to go along with the comic. Run By The Gun is also a fictional band producing real songs, apparently on a scale somewhere between NANA’s Black Stones and questionable Content’s Deathmøle. So far, the first five tracks so far available have a loosely classic-rock feel, with sprinkles of contemporary and indie rock and, surprisingly, bluegrass. Though the songs are well put together, there’s a definite sense that this is a band that hasn’t found its voice yet. The plan is to have the music evolve as the characters evolve, mirroring the story through its soundtrack. I have to say, I’m looking forward to seeing that play out almost more than I’m looking forward to the continuation of the comic itself.

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